Round table «Migration policy of the Russian Federation: opportunities for support and participation of the non-profit sector»

The event took place within the walls of the former estate of the merchant I.M. Sverchkov. This is a small red two-story building on a white-stone basement of the XVI-XVII centuries, deeply hidden in the alleys of the center. Now here is the State Russian House of Folk Art named after V. D. Polenov, in which many events of various subjects at the highest level are held every year.

In his welcoming speech, moderator Jamil Rafikovich Sadykhbekov, Chairman of the Commission on Information Policy of the Council for Nationalities Affairs of the Moscow Government, noted that migration is one of the complex social processes affecting many aspects of social and economic life. Jamil Rafikovich emphasized the need to create a socio-cultural and communication environment that will contribute to more positive adaptation and integration of migrants, as well as improving the efficiency of national-cultural autonomies, organizations and associations in the awareness of the migrant.

The president of the Georgian FNCA in Russia, Tsurtsumiya Georgy, told in his speech how important it is to convince foreign workers not to be afraid of communication, not to be shy about talking about their problems, because only this way they can be heard by various power structures. Those, in turn, will already be able to take certain measures so that the adaptation of migrants takes place within the framework of the law. Tsurtsumiya Georgy paid special attention to the fact that a person arriving in another country must comply with its rules. Separately, he noted that conflicts can arise from people’s ignorance of their own rights. Tsurtsumiya Georgy told about the House of Friendship of Russia, which should be organized this year, and where the problems of migrants will be discussed and resolved promptly.

The president of Alterra Group of Companies, Ekaterina Naumova: “Migrants do not receive a warm welcome. They also do not have sufficient information on how to legalize their stay in the territory of another state. ” Ekaterina Naumova proposed to create a small collection of information for migrants on legal support in Russia and recommendations on where to express yourself, to find the first source of income. The participants of the Round Table noted that working with the young generation of migrants is even more important, because the children, as they mature, absorb the mood of the people around them. During the meeting, the project-game was presented by the founder of the Center for Patriotic Education «Brotherhood of Nations» Afanasyev Yuri. This center was created to attract young people of different nationalities to activities in which they have nothing to argue about, and they always find a common language in an informal setting. The project organizers arrange a lot of excursions for the children to show how historically they are united and all the peoples of the world are friendly. After the meeting, guests were invited to a small concert, which was an unexpected surprise for all. Summing up the Round Table, it is worth noting that it was successful, because many important issues were discussed and resolved, a lot of practical ideas were proposed, several recommendations were formulated. For example, it was proposed to create a special mobile application for migrants, which will prompt all the necessary information for moving to a particular country. All these recommendations in the near future will help to make our capital, our country a step closer to the elimination of conflicts related to migrants.